Kyun Ki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi

Its a complete family entertainment serial. The story is of a joint family where Baa, bahu and saas share the same home Shantiniketan. Currently Tulsi Bahu is back but with lost memory.

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Women wants to be slimmer and men wants to have an athletic body

Its a common trend among todays girls to go for dieting and maintain a slim and trim body. They all want to look like models and superstar. In order to maintain slim figure they go on dieting and Vitamin supplement. Excessive dieting leads to anorexia. Anorexia is a condition in which body’s demand for food decreases which leads to less secretion of gastric juices & in future less demand for food. Body suffers from vitamin deficiency & they start popping vitamin tablets to look young and healthy.

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Today’s Women

Renuka Chowdhury ( Union Minister for women and child development ) gave her interview in reader’s digest. Its really touching and shows how even after decades of modernization and moving in 21st century women are still fighting for their rights and still have no one to listen. Women is trying to fit all roles assigned to her of mother, daughter, wife and a good friend. A working women is trying to balance all quarters of her life and is doing her best for the family.

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Boy friends (BF ) are better than husbands

Yes of course boy friends are better than husbands. God they ( BF ) don’t make you liable to full each of their demands like husbands.

1)You can spend a lot of your BF earnings without having tension as to what will happen when the cash gets exhausted in the middle of the month. But the same is not applicable for husband he will make you realize that if you spend a lot you will run out of money and their will be a financial crunch.

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Short heightedness a boon in disguise

Short heighted women dont take tension. There are various things which you can do which the rest of the mass which is tall cannot do.

1)You can do good job and you need to study well. If you would have been tall you would have been crazy for modeling and a bollywood career.
2)You never have to look down upon some one while conversation or talk as you are short heighted.
3)While watching movies in Cinema halls you dont disturb any one and block their view which the tall persons usually do.

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How to remove and prevent White Heads

White heads are caused by accumulation of secreted oil and sebum from thr skin. this oil accumulates in the pores and hardens to form white head. it is usually found on Forehead, Cheeks, near nose, near lips, on neck and chest.

You need to keep your skin clean with proper cleansers and face washes to reduce white heads formation. Apply good moisturizer and facial creams to keep your skin hydrated all the time.

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How to make your skin glowing

Very few people are blessed with a flawless and glowing skin. Those who don’t have a glowing skin can work towards it. You have to maintain your skin to keep it glowing. Here are few tips to have a glowing skin –

1) Steam Bath – Steam Bath your face on a weekly basis to remove the clogged dirt, make up and excess oil. This is very much necessary because if left untreated it may lead to Pimples, Black Heads & White Heads. Steaming removes the excess oil and other dirt which makes skin look dull.

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Goodness of Honey

Honey is very beneficial for our skin. It helps in keeping our skin hydrated. It solves Achne problem, Pimples problem and other skin problems. It is very good for dry skin as it acts as a natural moisturizer. It retains moisture and keeps the skin looking fresh. It gives glow to the skin.

Honey contains glucose, fructose, minerals – magnesium, potassium, calcium, sodium chlorine, sulphur, iron, copper, zinc, vitamins B1, B2, B5, B3.

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Vilas Muttemwar

Constituency : Nagpur ( Maharashtra ) Party : Indian National Congress (INC) E-Mail : [email protected] Father’s Name Shri Baburao Sadashiorao Muttemwar Mother’s Name Smt. Kamal Muttemwar Date of Birth 22 March 1949 Place of Birth Sindewahi, Distt. Chandrapur (Maharashtra) Marital Status Married Date of Marriage 7 January 1972 Spouse’s Name Smt. Chhaya Muttemwar No. of … Read more

Nitin Gadkari

Nitin Gadkari

Nitin Gadkari Nitin Gadkari (born May 27, 1957) is an Indian politician. Gadkari is a senior leader of Bharatiya Janata Party and President of its Maharashtra unit. Hailing from Nagpur, he studied LLB and M Com. Gadkari is currently the leader of opposition in Maharashtra Vidhan Parishad. Earlier he served as cabinet Minister of the … Read more

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