Nagpur SSC Students Success Stories on how they conquered the exam devil

The SSC results which were declared yesterday on 13th June 2012 brought smiles to thousands of candidates who had been eagerly waiting for exam results. It was like the farmers waiting for the harvest after a good sowing. Few students share their success stories on how they managed to pass SSC with flying colors in-spite of all odds and hell lot of problems. These students really inspired me so i could not hold myself from writing about them and telling the whole world “See the spirit of the young mind. They can dream and achieve the impossible”

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Nagpur houses 3 big cord blood banking services

Cord blood banking (CBB) is a service in which the stem cells from umbilical cord of child is stored for future use for treating genetic and non treatable diseases. 3 major cord blood banking companies have opened up centres in Nagpur are Reliance Life Cell, Cryo Bank and Baby Cell. Cord cells are collected within 15 minutes of delivery and maintained in a cold chain and then stored in the respective CBB.

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Breast Cancer – Early Diagnosis and Cure

Any form of cancer is hazardous to health. But if detected early they cause less harm. Many types of cancers are curable if detected at an early stage. Breast cancer is one of them.

There are many reasons for occurrence of breast cancer –

1)Late Pregnancy i.e after the age of 30 yrs
2)Late onset of periods i.e after the age of 12
3)Family history of breast cancer
4)No Pregnancy ( DINK couples who opt for no kids )
5)No breast feeding
6)Menopause after the age of 50 yrs

Its very easy to diagnose breast cancer by self examination.
Check for –

1)Change in shape of breast

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