Dog menace on rise in Nagpur city

After hot summers it is dogs which is troubling nagpurians. Almost thousands of people get bitten by dogs every month and canines menace is increasing in the city. It is raising alarm that in the coming months the trouble is going to increase and not decrease. They are present everywhere on city roads, near residential areas, market places etc.

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Mihan India Limited (MIL) to employ animal trappers to guard run way of Dr Babasaheb Ambedkar International Airport

After repeated incidents of animal menace finally Mihan India Limited has decided to employ animal trappers to avert any major accident caused by stray animals. Dogs, pigs, deers and rabbits are frequent visitors to the runway of airport. There are many incidents of animals killed during takeoffs and landing. Animals on runway can cause a major accidents if they are not stopped from visiting the runway.

MIL has taken the matter seriously and has welcomed offers in this regard.

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