Sewage Treatment plants (STP) for Nagpur Gardens

Nagpur Municipal Corporation (NMC) is setting up 5 more sewage treatment plants (STP) to supply water to gardens at Nagpur. Each garden requires 15,000 to 25,000 Litres water per day. A lot of tap water was used daily for watering plants and keeping the premises clean. Water from bore wells and dug wells were also used in gardens. Nagpur Municipal Corporation is planning to set up 5 more STP’s to meet daily water requirements of the gardens. This will not only treat sewage and reduce water pollution but also save valuable drinking water and ground water.

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Nagpur Municipal Corporation Schools Lacks Infrastructure and study Environment

Schools run by Nagpur Municipal Corporation lacks basic amenities like table, chairs, good infrastructure, toilets and drinking water. Most of the schools are running without electricity. Students are made to sit on unclean floors and shabby classrooms.

Lack of table and chairs for sitting strains the back of students. They are forced to adjust to the prevailing condition as they cannot afford a high cost.

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