An appeal by Nagpur Municipal Corporation to all Nagpurians

Nagpur Municipal Corporation urges Nagpurians to help them keep Nagpur Parks , Temples and Lakes clean. If anyone finds any garbage surrounding these public places then they should inform NMC about it. Use NMC Facebook page to post any Complaint regarding garbage –

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Nag river turning into Nullah

Image Credit: Ganesh Dhamodkar (CC-BY-SA).

Nagpur which was named after Nag river has turned down the glory of river to a nullah. What was once pride of city now stinks and is full of garbage. Previously fresh water used to flow through it and now only sewage water and industrial pollutants.

Nagpur Municipal Corporation (NMC) is not taking any steps due to lack of funds and have approached National River Conservation Plan (NRCP) to release funds for cleaning the river. The proposal has been submitted and results are awaited.

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Kasturchand Park Revamped as Commercial Park

Earlier the team at reported that Kasturchand Park had lost its glory due to accumulation of garbage and fowl smell. Now there is a new twist in the story. It is being used for commercial purposes just to generate revenue.

The PWD is entrusted with the responsibility to maintain it and NMC to clean it but lots of garbage can be seen near the ground. Many vendors run their shop near the ground. It cannot be used for playing purposes due to its present dilapidated stage. It is just used for hosting exhibitions and other events which generates revenue.

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Kasturchand Park turning into a dump yard of garbage

Very famous National Handloom Expo which was hosted in Nagpur city at Kasturchand Park till 6th November 2011 has left the ground in a dilapidated state. Such type of exhibitions are given a special place in the city, Katurchand ground is the place selected for organizing these events. But after the event gets over the park turns in to a dump yard of garbage, which is left over by the visiting public. The debris does not gets cleaned immediately which leaves a fowl smell to the nearby road passers. Even the kids cannot use the ground for playing purpose.

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Open plots turning into open toilets

A new problem for Nagpur Municipal Corporation has raised as open plots are turning into open toilets and dumping ground of garbage. This is causing problems to near by residents as the fowl smell of garbage and toilets do not allow them to open windows. This is the common scenario seen every where. Any open lands turn in garbage land as there is no one concerned with the problem. The land owners are least bothered to construct boundary walls or houses, so the place is a dumping ground.

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