Happy World Health Day 2012 to all Nagpurians

It is a day to take a pledge about health and stay happy. Today i.e 7th April 2012, on the occasion of World Health Day everyone should care for their health and try to improve ailing health.

Health is wealth and the saying is proved correct because until and unless one is healthy he cannot earn and get wealthy. So with good health, wealth keeps flowing. Go for a morning walk or do Yoga, drink lots of water. Eat lots of fruits, vegetables and avoid junk food.

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Writing Power packed Resumes

Resume is the first selling proposition of a candidate. Its the first source of introduction to the prospective employer. Its necessary to keep few points in mind while preparing resumes for job application. Introduce yourself in a better way and get a chance to face the interview.

Points to be kept in mind while preparing resumes –

1)Write a targeted resume according to the nature of the job if you have too many job experiences. Write specific resume for every job. No generic resume.

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