Buyers and sellers of ore to register with Indian Bureau of Mines(IBM)

Indian Bureau of Mines has made it compulsory to register buyers and sellers of ores. This is to stop illegal mining activities. This new rule will ease burden of IBM in stopping illegal activities.

IBM has imposed the rule so that mine holders can sell their ore only to registered buyers. IBM will give priority to monitor the iron ore movement and later cover other minerals like copper, zinc and lead.

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Job Rotation

Job Rotation is a process of preparing employees at a lower level to replace someone at the next higher level. Job rotation is practiced in corporate sector to avoid boredom and complacency in employees. Companies practice it to train employees at various levels so that they can do varied jobs and can become good leaders. It helps in understanding problems faced by different level of employees and required improvements. Job rotation is practiced to enrich the knowledge and job of a worker.

There are few things which should be kept in mind before going for job rotation –

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