Documentary Film on Vidarbha farmers wins National award

A documentary film by Nanadan Saxena and his wife Kavita Bahl on Vidarbha farmers wins National award. They have covered the life of Vidarbha farmers who commit suicide. The 3 hours movie shows the reason behind cotton farmers committing suicide. The farmers take loan for purchasing seeds and when they reap the ripe crops and go to sell in the market they get a lesser price for their hard work and labor. This starts their agony as they are unable to pay their loans and lead a normal life. As a result they commit suicide to end their daily sufferings and mental torture.

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Manik Godghate to receive Sahitya Akademi Award

The famous poet Manik Godghate received Vidarbha Bhushan award on 18th December 2011 at Nagpur. He has also received Nag Bhushan award. Now his name has been selected for Sahitya Akademi Award.

He is receiving the national award for the essays which are his literary prose. He will be receiving this award on valentines day i.e 14th February 2012 at New Delhi.

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