People for animals to distribute free water tanks for stray animals

City NGO, People for animals (PFA) will distribute 100 free water tanks to animal lovers. The scorching heat of summer season is a problem not only for nagpurians but animals too. Human beings can drink water from earthen pots to quench the thirst but animals cannot get water to drink from anywhere and they cannot ask anyone for water. PFA has decided to distribute these tanks so that animal lovers are able to provide water to stray animals.

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Nagpur Municipal Corporation ignoring water leaks due to weak pipes

North Nagpur is experiencing water shortage while water is flowing down the drains in Shanti Nagar and Satranjipura zone. There are several water pipes which are leaking and oozing out more than 1000 litres water per hour. Many near by residents are accumulating this water to be consumed by stray animals and rest is draining. The nearby residents claims the leakage problem to be 20 years old. They had informed Nagpur Municipal Corporation (NMC) about it but no action was taken.

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Installation of Solar Fence to keep stray animals away from Nagpur Airport

After putting a lot of unfruitful efforts into keeping stray animals away from Dr Ambedkar International Airport, Nagpur Mihan India Limited (MIL) has finally decided to install solar fence on both sides of the run way. When stray animals like dog, pig, donkey, deer or rabbit will come in contact with the fence it will give a mild shock to fear the animal and even sound an alarm to help guards reach the place and drive them out.

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