Pench Villagers ate Crocodile

Villagers of Kolitmara village located in Pench Tiger Reserve killed a Crocodile and even tasted it. The villagers killed the crocodile because they suspected the animal had killed a four years old girl from the village. They chased the crocodile and killed it.

Later they cut open the carcass, cooked it and then tasted it.

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Fake Cosmetics raid in the city

Rajesh Sachdeo has been arrested in fake cosmetics raid. He used to sell fake products in branded packaging. Cosmetics and tea packets worth Rs 1.80 Lakhs has been seized.

Rajesh used to supply fake cosmetics and tea of leading brands to villagers who have little idea about the product.

Such fake cosmetics do exist in market. Consumers need to be aware of it. They need to check the Manufacturing date, expiry date and bar code of the product before purchasing . It is always recommended to purchase products from good and branded shop.

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