MSRTC to run Volvo buses between Nagpur – Pune

MSRTC is launching the bus service from Nagpur to Pune and vice verse. The service will start from 8th December 2011. It will charge Rs 1210 per seat and the prices will not increase during heavy rush seasons like Diwali or any other festival.

The bus will leave Nagpur at 7 PM and reach Pune at 8 AM and again leave Pune in the evening. It is very helpful for travelers doing constant up and down for business or studies.

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How will Devendra Fadnavis reply to his 3000 SMSes ?

Devendra Fadnavis has opposed the move of Telecommunication Regulatory Authority of India ( TRAI) move for putting restrictions on SMS sending to just 100 SMS per day. Fadnavis has appealed Kapil Sibbal, Union Telecommunication Minister to look in to the matter. He argued that the government is trying to curb the method of communication instead of curbing the people causing menace. Just because of a few handful of people committing crime the whole nation cannot suffer.

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