Reduce in number of patients visiting Government Medical College and Hospital

There has been a marked reduce in patients visiting Government Medical College and Hostel (GMCH) due to lack of basic amenities in hospital premises. There is lack of basic drugs, syringes, plasters and advanced surgical equipments. Patients face lots of problems due to lack of proper medicines.

People visit other hospitals rather than opting for GMCH as they feel more safe at the other place. Surgical dealers have stopped supplying goods to the hospital due to a big outstanding bill.

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Medical teachers take a mass leave on Monday

Medical teachers of Government Medical College and Hospital (GMCH) and Indira Gandhi Government Medical college (IGGMC) went on mass leave on Monday. They will begin chain hunger strike from tuesday i.e 20th December 2011 and will continue till 24th December 2011.

Class teachings have been stopped and only emergencies are being attended by the doctors. Their demand include increasing nonpracticing allowance, payment of arrears of lecturers, issues related to promotion etc.

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