Thoughts mold your destiny. Agree or Disagree ?

I used to think over few things again and again but pondered over some questions. Is it our thought process or our doings which mold our destiny ? Why are few people more successful then the rest of the masses ? Why few people get success easily while others strive hard for it ? Why few people are successful at a very early age than the rest of the masses ? I asked many people but they could not answer to my satisfaction. Finding answer to these questions was not an easy task because the person who always gave me suggestions as to what to do and what not to do was not much successful.

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I love my Hubby

Love and hatred are two faces of the same coin and you will experience both of them. Its never possible that love with exist without hatred. Today’s fast moving life has left no time for merry making or love. We are slaves of the new technology and its really eating in to quality time spend with family and friends. Well we just cannot blame the technology, its we as individuals who decide what we should do at a given time. Its upon us whether we spend quality time with friends or just sit in front of the idiot box or chat with online friends when the other partner is getting bored.

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