24×7 water project by Nagpur Municipal Corporation leading to dug roads

24×7 water project laid down by Nagpur Municipal Corporation (NMC) is giving nightmares to residents of Nagpur. NMC handed over the water works to Orange City Water Private Limited (OCWL) so that the water work can be completed on time but still the water work is being carried out at a very slow pace. The project is to replace old pipes with new ones and to lay down pipes in new localities. But the water project is leading to dug roads which remains opens for months, becoming accident prone zone.

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Orange City Water Limited replacing old pipelines with new ones

OCWL (Orange City Water Limited) has started the work of replacing old pipelines with new ones. This will solve contaminated water problems of nagpurians residing in places where the pipelines are very old. These old pipelines are rusted and are leaking which leads to water contamination and hence water borne disease like diarrhea and fever.

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Nagpur Municipal Corporation to recover outstanding bill from consumers by the end of March

Nagpur Municipal Corporation (NMC) is set to recover water arrears before the end of the financial year. NMC is taking every measure to recover the bill. It has warned consumers to at least pay 50 % of the bill or face disconnection of water supply. The payment counter will remain open from 9 AM – 3 PM everyday i.e 7 days a week, even on holidays.

Orange City Water Limited (OCWL) has started a 24-hour toll free number (1800-266-9899) to attend to complaints related to water supply and bills.

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Orange City Water Limited (OCWL) yet to operate full fledged in Nagpur City

Most of the workers working for Nagpur Municipal Corporation (NMC) are not ready to work with OCWL (Orange City Water Limited). The situation is, they will still continue to work for NMC and get paid by NMC for seven months.

Decision on workers who are not ready to work for OCWL will be taken after judgment from Labor Court.

NMC is giving the water works project to a private operator OCWL so that the city receives 24×7 water supply.

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Nagpur Municipal Corporation to hand over water work to Orange City Water Limited

Orange City Water Limited (OCWL) to take over water work from Nagpur Municipal Corporation from Monday. A lot of NMC workers are not ready to work for OCWL and they have declared Monday as ‘Black Day’.

NMC, Nagpur Environmental Services Ltd (NESL) and OCWL had entered into a agreement on November 17. According to the agreement OCWL will take up entire work of water treatment plants and billing for a span of 25 years. OCWL will also work on 24×7 water supply project. NMC employees have objected to work with OCWL.

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