24×7 water project by Nagpur Municipal Corporation leading to dug roads

24×7 water project laid down by Nagpur Municipal Corporation (NMC) is giving nightmares to residents of Nagpur. NMC handed over the water works to Orange City Water Private Limited (OCWL) so that the water work can be completed on time but still the water work is being carried out at a very slow pace. The project is to replace old pipes with new ones and to lay down pipes in new localities. But the water project is leading to dug roads which remains opens for months, becoming accident prone zone.

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Nagpur Municipal Corporation to complete property assessment in 6 months

NMC (Nagpur Municipal Corporation) wants to complete property assessment work within 6 months as it is leading to loss to the department and inconvenience to citizens. Revaluation of property is done every 5 years. 5.50 lakh property needs to be assessed.

Citizens whose properties have been revalued are paying higher taxes than others. Open plots and properties in the outskirts of the city are also to be assessed. Sandip Yadav, former staffer of NMC’s property tax department wanted to go for computerization of property tax department for fast assessment of properties.

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Nagpur Municipal Corporation online complaint system in shambles

Mayor Archana Dehankar started an online complaint system in which citizens could register their complaints and their grievance would be solved within 8 days. A website was launched by Nagpur Municipal Corporation (NMC) in this respect. The complaints were responded in the initial days and soon it became a thing of the past.

The website was launched to help nagpurians get instant solution to their problems instead of moving from one table to another just for a small work.
The online complaint system did not work effectively due to sluggish approach of the concerned department.

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Screening of mind necessary for selection in Police Department

After the case of constable Abhijeet Chahande of Jaripatka police station for raping a girl twice was known. There was a blow to the recruitment system of the city police. The process of selection in the police department includes physical fitness test, intelligence quotient and education test. There is no process for mental screening.

The cops forget the oath which they take for protecting the citizens and law of land. It has been seen that they get in to unlawful means and sometimes commit heinous crime like rape even after taking the oath for protection of citizens.

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